The Plank Center is committed to helping you do more with your education and practice. From skill-based resource guides and topic-trending webinars to lessons from legends and leaders, The Plank Center offers a variety of free resources in areas of leadership, mentorship and diversity and inclusion. Explore the resources below to begin expanding your skillset, empowering your career and elevating the profession.


Lessons from Leaders

From articles and messages to interviews with public relations leaders, students, educators and professionals have an all-access pass to their messages capturing observations from experience and useful directions for the profession.


Learn more about the industry by reading various articles and watching lectures about leadership, mentorship and diversity and inclusion.


The Plank Center hosts a series of webinars for public relations students, educators and professionals. Our most popular webinars included “Getting a Job in PR,” “Hidden Figures in PR,” and “Women and Leadership in PR.”


The Center collected insight from public relations professionals and designed more than 100 infographics, which continue to be used to educate, empower and elevate.


Read and learn about the research studies, projects and findings from various studies done by leaders in the public relations industry.

Resource Guides

From beginner tips to more niche, tailored topics, The Plank Center offers a series of tactical, skill-based guides.

Platform Magazine

An online magazine produced by and for students provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information that encourages the ethical practice and enhancement of leadership in the field of public relations.


The Plank Center encourages students to advance their education in public relations by searching and applying for scholarships.