Perfect Your Presentation Style

With only 9 seconds to capture an audience’s attention, making a good first impression is everything. According to Mark Harris, formerly of IBM, “The impression you make colors everything else” – the decision you are asking a person to make or action you are asking them to take. That impression translates to your company and a consumer’s decision to purchase, donate, participate, etc. in your business model.

Plank Mentor Speeches

Experience is knowledge and knowledge is power. You’ve heard it before, but let’s put it in perspective. Each year The Plank Center honors industry leaders and mentors at its Milestones in Mentoring Gala, and more than 300 professionals leave the awards ceremony with a newfound energy and excitement for public relations. Why? Because we experience an MBA-worthy crash-course on all things leadership and mentorship. Experience what we experience and incorporate what you learn into action.

Thank Your Mentors Now & Along the Way

Veteran public relations executive and Plank Center board member, Ron Culp, spoke to more than 1,800 students who became graduates of Indiana State University. A political science alumnus and first-generation college graduate, Culp began his career as a newspaper reporter, before making the change to public relations. Culp used this platform to specifically thank his mentors and encouraged graduates to “thank their mentors now & along the way.”

Resources of Interest

The Plank Center is committed to helping you expand your skills and advance the practice of public relations.