Vision, Mission and Values

Nurturing the Eternal Truths, Shaping the Future of Our Profession

Who We Are

The Plank Center is the leading global resource for practitioners, educators and students who are passionate about advancing their careers and the public relations profession.

What We Do

The Plank Center’s mission is to help develop and recognize outstanding diverse public relations leaders, role models and mentors to advance ethical public relations in an evolving, global society.

What We Believe

In engaging others, we foster and advocate these professional ideals:

  • Truth
  • Integrity
  • Courage
  • Caring
  • Imagination
  • Judgment
  • Leadership

How We Deliver

Led by a national advisory board of leading educators and practitioners, the Center works to achieve its mission by:

  • Advancing knowledge of leadership values and skills in the profession
  • Supporting research, teaching, service and professional educational efforts that help develop diverse, responsible and trustworthy leaders
  • Bridging the interests and vision of the practice and education
  • Collaborating with other groups and associations to nurture the ethical and effective practice of public relations

The Center uses a variety of approaches and activities to support its mission. These activities include:

  • Milestones in Mentoring Dinner, honoring those who lead by example, modeling the way through two-way communication and exemplary behaviors.
  • Educator Fellowships, for educators and professionals to exchange information and ideas. To date, 41 educators from more than 100 applicants have been placed with host organizations.
  • Cross-Cultural Study of Leadership in PR, to expand our understanding of communication leadership globally. Nearly 4,500 professionals in 23 countries and 9 languages participated in the study, funded by the Center, Heyman Associates and IBM.
  • Webinars for professionals, educators and students, to help advance leadership values and skills. Since the series’ inception in 2009, eight free webinars have been sponsored by the Center on a range of topics such as CSR, ethics and the agency of the future.
  • Video Interviews with PR Leaders, for their views on leadership qualities, practices, and experiences. To date 23 interviews have been conducted and uploaded to the Center’s website.
  • Platform Magazine, an online magazine by students for students.


Leaders exert significant influence on the success, future and image of their profession. Yet, only a few PR studies have explored this important topic.

One goal of The Plank Center is to build a research-based foundation of knowledge regarding the values, qualities and dimensions of excellent leadership, mentorship and diversity and inclusion in PR.