The Plank Center Awards $7,500 in Travel Scholarships to Five Diverse Students

The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations awards $7,500 in travel scholarships to help five students further their professional development in areas of public relations leadership, mentorship and diversity and inclusion.

The scholarship recipients were selected from a field of more than 35 candidates:

“While the process of narrowing down applicants was extremely challenging, the selection committee came away from the process inspired by the thought leaders that our profession has coming forward,” said Dr. Karla Gower, director of The Plank Center.

Each scholarship provides students with the opportunity to attend two events sponsored by the Center:

  • The inaugural Summit on Diversity & Inclusion in Public Relations where attendees will gain a deeper understanding of D&I in the profession and learn about the barriers to and best practices for growing, mentoring and retaining diverse populations within the field.
  • The “Milestones in Mentoring” Gala honors leaders throughout the profession who, by word and deed, have demonstrated a superior commitment to mentoring others, and who are committed to accelerating the success of others in the field.

During their time in Chicago, the students will have an opportunity to gain professional insights and to see, hear from and network with more than 400 successful professionals, educators and students.

The Summit Conversation

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