Deciding Between a PR Job and an Advanced Degree: Making the Right Decision


Deciding what to do after graduation can be confusing, but our experts explore topics such as the advantages of taking the job; the advantages of graduate school; weighing the pros and cons; and things to keep in mind if you are thinking about graduate school.

Moderated by Keith Burton, Plank Center Board member, the session included presentations by Brandi Boatner, a Past President of PRSSA; Doug Serton, an associate with Heyman Associates; and Dr. Karla Gower, professor of public relations at The University of Alabama and director of the Plank Center.

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Leaders exert significant influence on the success, future and image of their profession. Yet, only a few PR studies have explored this important topic.

One goal of The Plank Center is to build a research-based foundation of knowledge regarding the values, qualities and dimensions of excellent leadership, mentorship and diversity and inclusion in PR.