Bill Imada

Bill Imada, IW Group, Inc.

Bill Imada is Chairman and Chief Connectivity Officer of IW Group, a fully integrated marketing communications agency specializing in the growing multicultural communities throughout California and the U.S. For more than three decades, Bill and his team have played a critical role in reaching many of California‚Äôs most vulnerable and underrepresented communities, including Asian American, Latinx/Hispanic, LGBTQ+, Middle Eastern, indigenous communities such as Native Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, and older adults. 

Bill is a co-founder of several national and regional organizations, including the APIA Scholars (formerly Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund), Asian/Pacific Islander American Chamber of Commerce & Entrepreneurship (National ACE), ACE NextGen, VOICES, a new national organization devoted to elevating Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in communications and related fields, and the National Millennial and Gen Z Community. This organization promotes civil discourse and civic engagement.

Bill also serves on the boards of the Advertising Educational Foundation, Coalition for Asian Pacifics in Entertainment, Institute for Public Relations, LAGRANT Foundation, Museum of Public Relations, National ACE and PBS Southern California. 

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