A Note From Bridget Coffing, Plank Board Chair

Bridget Coffing, Plank Board Chair | March 2021

An inspirational thought about Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is an opportune time to “study, observe and celebrate the vital role of women in American history.”

It also provides us with the opportunity to reflect on the role models who have blessed our lives. The magnificent men and women who have inspired us to go for it. And to find and use our voices to advance our communications profession with clarity, ethics, confidence and know-how.

Betsy Plank was one such leader, as was my mother. I celebrate and thank them both.

So was my father. A World War II Army Air Corps fighter pilot, he crashed, survived a broken neck and went on to raise a family of eight and build his own business. He founded a successful advertising agency and competed in a world of college and graduate degrees when he had neither. My parents taught me the value of believing in myself and having dreams; in establishing goals and working hard to achieve them; that tenacity was a great thing and integrity everything.

Pretty timeless lessons that are still my north star.

So during Women’s History Month, I pay homage to all the men and women who have paved the way for me to aspire and achieve, and recommit myself to doing the same for those future leaders who will take us to new heights.