10 Tips I Wish Someone Told Me Earlier In My PR Career


Ron Culp is an independent public relations consultant and the professional director of the public relations and advertising MA program at DePaul University. Ron’s PR career spans a broad range of communications activities in government and business-to-business, consumer products, pharmaceutical and retailing industries. As a seasoned PR veteran and enduring board member, now serving as the Plank Center Board Chairman, Ron has undoubtedly accumulated extensive years of professional experience.

By generously offering his wealth of knowledge, Ron has helped many young aspiring professionals navigate their way to successful careers. Although he provides an abundant supply of career advice and pertinent information relevant to the industry throughout his blog, Culpwrit, Ron shares 10 tips he wish someone had told him earlier in his career.

10 Tips I Wish Someone Told Me Earlier in My Career

This article was originally published in Legacies from Legends in Public Relations, a book published by The Plank Center in 2007.

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