10 Tips for Staying Ethical on the Job


Deborah A. Silverman, Ph.D., APR, has led the PRSA’s Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS), is a member of PRSA’s Definition of Public Relations Task Force and served PRSA’s representative on the Commission on Public Relations Education. Deborah is also an associate professor and associate chair of the Buffalo State College Communication Department, which has over 700 undergraduates enrolled in four majors, including public communication (PR/advertising).

Whether you’re an intern, a candidate for an entry-level PR job, or a seasoned public relations professional, Deborah affirms maintaining strong ethical standards is an essential ingredient for success on the job. Your credibility and reputation depend on it! Listed below are Deborah’s 10 Tips for Staying Ethical on the Job.



Deborah Silverman- 10 Tips for Staying Ethical on the Job