10 Blogs Every PR Student Should Read


As PR students, you’re probably overwhelmed by the number of blogs out there, but you still try to read as many as possible to avoid missing out on the latest and greatest PR news! We’ve made it simpler for you. Here is a list of 10 blogs (in no particular order) you can’t do without!


1. Platform Magazine

Millennials, this blog is for you. Platform Magazine is a student-run blog that highlights trending topics, issues and concerns related to the ever-changing practice of PR. The blog offers advice and ideas with the objective of enhancing its audience’s knowledge, while still managing to entertain.

2. Culpwrit

With the intended target being college-age readers, Culpwrit hits the bullseye. Ron Culp, director of the M.A. program at DePaul University and former managing director of Ketchum’s Midwest operations, generates the content for Culpwrit. Culp provides articles in a range of categories geared toward motivated students who are passionate about expanding their wealth of PR knowledge.

3. PR Daily

If it’s not a part of your daily routine, it should be. PR Daily provides articles on the latest news, trends and issues facing public relations practitioners. With helpful tips on social media, marketing and any area of public communication you can think of, it’s an outlet you can’t live without.

4. PR in your Pajamas

Don’t sleep on this blog. This is a must read for every PR student. Author of PR in Pajamas Elena Verlee’s goal for the blog is to give back to the community, educate students of the practice, and promote the brand building experience. This blog is original and contains content that is relevant to students.

5. Social PR Chat

Social PR Chat is dedicated to #trends of popular marketing, advertising and PR. This social media blog covers innovative topics and is consistently keeping up with the evolving dynamic of public relations. Reading this blog is a #necessity.

6. The Future Buzz

The Future Buzz is the “bee’s knees”. The content of this blog is created mostly by means of citizen journalism. The blog’s goal is to inform the audience on how to better use media and technology for the purposes of digital marketing/PR strategies.

7. PR Breakfast Club

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. PR Breakfast Club could be the most important blog of the day. Start your day off right by reading witty, sarcastic, exceedingly informational posts that touch on a wide range of topics. This blog is as essential as coffee.


PRSay is like an intro to PR class that you took freshman year with its broad offering of information covered. However, as far as the depth of each topic, this blog is especially thorough. This blog is a branch of the world’s largest organization of public relations professionals, PRSA. Like PRSA, this blog is dedicated to providing professional development, standards of excellence and principles of ethics for practitioners.

9. PRNewser, now Adweek

This blog has all the news you need—from which stories made headlines to brand issues and PR blunders. Want to know what’s going on in the digital space, international arena or political communications? You’re covered because that’s all here too.

10. Spin Sucks

Spin Sucks does not suck. In fact this blog gives insight to both PR students and professionals. Spin Sucks displays posts from guest bloggers who are sure to have a unique approach to red-hot topics. It’s a must read!