Things I Wish I’d Known Before Entering the PR Workforce


Public relations students, are you eager to graduate and begin your career? Position yourself for even greater success by listening to industry professionals discuss their own experiences and what they wish they’d known when beginning their first job. The webinar provided ten insights into how to impress your colleagues from day one and offers applicable tips to overcome perceptions of the millennial generation.

Panelists include Rick Looser, COO, The Cirlot Agency; Jesse McCraw, brand strategist, The Cirlot Agency; Jacquie McMahon, account executive, Ketchum; and Brian Price, digital marketing manager, Starwood Retail Partners.

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Leaders exert significant influence on the success, future and image of their profession. Yet, only a few PR studies have explored this important topic.

One goal of the Plank Center is to build a research-based foundation of knowledge regarding the values, qualities and dimensions of excellent leadership, mentorship and diversity and inclusion in PR.