Legacies from Legends in PR


In 2007,¬†the Plank Center, with direction from Betsy Plank, began work to recognize PRSSA’s milestone year of 2007-2008. We asked legendary professional honorees to write brief personal messages of counsel, wisdom and experience for publication as a gift to students. Thirty-four of those honorees answered that first call– a remarkable response and reflection of caring for students.

The success of the first edition of Legacies from Legends in PR prompted this edition as an ongoing and unique project that captures messages and insights. It’s a proud roster of respected leaders whose work has strengthened the public relations practice and education.

To continue Betsy’s legacy, the Plank Center is offering a complimentary download¬†(PDF).

We hope this book informs and inspires those who will shape the next generation of public relations leaders.



* Deceased

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