Betsy Plank Day

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The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations will honor the late public relations legend, Betsy Plank, by hosting a national celebration, Betsy Plank Day, on April 6. For the fourth consecutive year, we are celebrating the life and legacy of Betsy Plank, the First Lady of public relations and the “Godmother of PRSSA.” Her contributions to the industry, example of leadership and passion for students have shaped the definition of success in the field today.

Betsy Day ­will involve a national social media campaign using #BetsyDay. Students, professionals and educators are invited to interact online from now to April 6. Here’s how:


PRSSA Chapters must accomplish the following two items in order to receive the grand prize.

  1. PRSSA Chapters must show the Betsy Plank tribute video at your upcoming meeting. Take a selfie of your chapter watching the video and tweet it using #BetsyDay to @PlankCenterPR.
  1. As Betsy said, “Unless it’s illegal, unethical or immoral, volunteer for everything.” In Betsy-esque fashion, come up with an innovative way to promote Betsy Plank Day at your college or university by volunteering on campus or in your community! Be as creative as possible – the sky’s the limit! Tweet your idea in action to @PlankCenterPR using #BetsyDay and submit a summary detailing how your chapter incorporated Betsy Plank’s love for volunteering on your campus or community to


As an educator, here’s how you can incorporate Betsy Plank into your classroom:

Show us how your class incorporated Betsy Plank by tweeting at us (@PlankCenterPR) using #BetsyDay!


As a professional, here’s a few ways to get involved with Betsy Plank Day:

  • Tweet your favorite memory of Betsy Plank to @PlankCenterPR using #BetsyDay
  • Snap a selfie watching the Betsy Plank tribute video. Don’t forget to tweet about it!
  • Share your favorite Betsy quote with your twitter followers
  • Change your profile picture to this gem


Follow the day devoted to the "Milestones in Mentoring" Gala, honoring six public relations leaders on their commitment to mentoring, via #PlankMentor.