10 Phrases “That Are So Betsy Plank”

It is difficult to describe Betsy Plank’s vibrant personality in just a few words, but here are 10 phrases we feel best capture Betsy’s legacy.

1. First Lady of Public Relations

She broke every single ceiling for women in PR. Definition of #BossLady.

2. Godmother of PRSSA

Without Betsy’s magical influence, PRSSA wouldn’t be the wonderful program it is today.

3. Epitome of Class

Betsy always carried herself with the utmost class. Everyone around her knew she was #goals.

4. Icon of Integrity

No matter what Betsy was doing she knew what her morals were and she stuck to her personal code of ethics.

5. Firebrand of Sass and Grit

Betsy knew how to be professional and put together but always added her own zest to every conversation.

6. Definition of Authenticity

Betsy was an original. She knew that life is too short to be fake with anything. Being yourself is always the answer.

7. Infectious Sense of Humor

Betsy could make almost anyone laugh, including Oprah…probably.

8. Infallible Intuition

We’re pretty sure that Betsy and Taylor would have been the best of friends. Always trust your gut.

9. Solver of Problems

Betsy never gave up. No matter the problem, she would always find a way to solve it.

10. The one, the only, the incomparable Betsy Plank

And finally, there’s no GIF on this planet that could encapture all of Betsy’s greatness. She’s the one, the only, the incomparable Betsy Plank. #ThatIsSoBetsy