I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience as a Plank Center Fellow. I had the pleasure of working with the Johnson and Johnson Corporate Communication office this August. Before arriving in New Brunswick, NJ, I was really hoping to learn more about how the company handles its social media presence. During my two weeks, this is exactly what I was exposed to. I worked with and learned from a number of talented people. I also got to contribute to the organization by giving a workshop and doing research projects. I was immersed in the day-to-day activities of corporate communication. I am taking back all the knowledge that I gained to my students in Newton, MA. This is an experience I would highly recommend for any professor teaching courses on public relations and interested in staying current with communication trends and efforts.”

– Dr. Dana Janbek, Lasell College, 2012 & 2013 Fellow


Having been at USAA has inspired me in many ways to do some different things in the classroom and in how I am presenting the PR program at AU. I have never been huge on social media, but having been with USAA has made me re-evaluate social media and how to use it in effective ways.  I have talked up the Educator Fellow program with my junior faculty hoping that they will some day apply for the program as well. I truly believe it is a not-to-miss opportunity.”

– Dr. Brigetta R. Brunner, Auburn University, 2013 Fellow


“I know that my students will benefit from my updated experience in the field and my increased understanding of how corporate communications are affected by federal regulations, the growing use of social media, effective strategic philanthropy, use of proprietary research, and so forth.”

– Dr. Lois Foreman-Wernet, Capital University, 2013 Fellow


Gave us the opportunity to have someone look at a single question from a strategic perspective, not just do day-to-day work”

– Tim Deighton, Regions Financial Corporation, Host Organization


“I learned that I have kept up very well in my area, that I could work again in the field, that I still have much to learn and always will, and that no truck is too big for me (or any one of us) to drive.  I learned that The Plank Center supports these fellowships to empower educators—to push them, to challenge them, and to teach them.”

– Rebecca Deemer, University of Indianapolis, 2012 Fellow


“The more academics and practitioners understand about each other’s prospective the better. This was a great way to do that.”

– Jim Spangler, Navistar, Host Organization


“Communicating is an absolutely relentless process in organizations—and I will drive this home to my students through stories, examples, and exercises.”

– Dr. Astrid Sheil, Cal State- San Bernardino, 2012 Fellow


“She worked on a social media strategy for a big event we were having and she presented a diversity communication workshop that was open to the entire HQ staff (and was SRO).”

– Jenny Dervin, JetBlue, Host Organization


“Where do I begin? Textbooks lag greatly in the practical application of social media. I have so much to share with my students and colleagues for the fall semester.”

– Dr. Sonya DiPalma, University of North Carolina at Asheville, 2011 Fellow


“This is a great program. Although I was very anxious about what to do as a host, it worked out very nicely. If you have a good host and a good educator, I don’t think you can screw this up.”

– Joanne Bischman, Harley-Davidson, Host Organization


“I plan to give my advanced class PR Management a total overhaul. In fact, it may become a ‘what I did on my summer vacation’ model–I’m taking almost every meeting I’m having and converting the key learnings into modules for that class. This is a watershed moment for me personally, and I do think my students will be all the better for it.”

– Carolyn White Bartoo, University of Delaware, 2011 Fellow


“It was easy. Thought it would be good for the team to be exposed to different ideas. Also feels it’s important to develop a stronger tie between academia and industry.”

– Kathy Beiser, Discover, Host Organization


“Ann’s interviews with every one of “the guys” on my team. She was very persistent. Her conversations were quite deep and forced the staff to think about how they do things. In several cases, individuals came to me later with suggestions on how to change the way we do things based on their conversation with Ann.”

– Dirk Arnold, BMW, Host Organization


“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this opportunity.”

– Dr. Teresa Mastin, DePaul University, 2010 Fellow


“I consider the Fellowship a wonderful opportunity to learn, share information, and contribute to my research agenda and teaching.”

– Bojinka Bishop, Ohio University, 2010 Fellow


“Impressed w/Plank Center’s new fellowship:  Exposes profs to current PR practices & creates info exchange w/profs.”

– Dr. Brooke Fisher Liu, via Twitter


“This sounds like a fabulous opportunity.”

– Dr. Lisa Fall, University of Tennessee


“Thank you for setting up this excellent opportunity for public relations professors!”

– Dr. Denise Bortree, Penn State University