We’re All About Betsy Plank

Betsy Plank was a leader, mentor and passionate person who lit up the room wherever she was. Countless professionals, educators and students alike remember her words of wisdom and the lasting impact she left through her selfless leadership. We’re all about Betsy and are pleased to share her wit and wisdom.

1. Betsy Plank was a problem solver. There were no obstacles to Betsy. She was intrigued by them.

2. Betsy Plank would tell you to take your background and who you are as a person and own that.

3. “You lit up my sky” was amazing praise from Betsy Plank.

4. Betsy was influenced by her family, friends, religion, #PR icons and her work.

5. Stop fixating on getting a seat at the table. Betsy would say to change your perspective and continue learning everyday.

6. No matter where Betsy Plank was, she always had her instamatic camera. She would have loved Instagram.


7. Network, but be grateful. Understand the relationship.

8. Betsy loved metaphors, so she probably wouldn’t have loved the 140-character limit.

9. Betsy Plank had a strong network, and she never once talked gossip or rumors. She never placed blame. Ethically, she kept herself above that.

10. To lead like Betsy, PR people should be ethical and dedicated to bettering the profession and pay it forward through mentoring.