The Leadership Summit

If you weren’t able to make it to Chicago for the Summit, you can still watch the entire presentation.

The Leadership Summit Part I (1:22:30):  Introductory remarks, The Cross-Cultural Study of Leadership in Public Relations, Part I. Includes Introductory remarks; An introduction to the research team and the scope and importance of the project; Study background and a snapshot of the 4,500 participants; 10 key issues and 4 top issues in the field; Strategies and tactics leaders use to manage the issues; and Links between issues and leadership skills and capabilities.

The Leadership Summit Part II (56:01): The Cross-Cultural Study of Leadership in Public Relations, Part II. Topics include: Developing future leaders; Individual insights and beliefs about leaders and the practice; A glimpse of the BRIC Countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China); and 10 headlines about leadership: what the findings mean.

The Leadership Summit Part III (1:31:30): Panel Session Addressing Study Implications, Suggestions, Next Steps. Topics include Professional practice; Leadership development; Teaching and education; Company development programs; and Research and theory.

The Leadership Summit Part IV (11:22): Rob Flaherty, Senior Partner & CEO, Ketchum, sums up the Summit.

The Summit Conversation

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