The following are lectures about leadership and the public relations profession.

Perfect Your Presentation Style

With only 9 seconds to capture an audience’s attention, making a good first impression is everything. According to Mark Harris, formerly of IBM, “The impression you make colors everything else” – the decision you are asking a person to make or action you are asking them to take. That impression translates to your company and a consumer’s decision to purchase, donate, participate, etc. in your business model.

The Future of Public Relations (2018)

What does the future of public relations look like? How does the public relations profession remain authentic in a time of A.I., big data and “fake news”? Jon Iwata, one of the most respected leaders in corporate communications, addressed “The Future of Public Relations” in a Facebook Live conversation.

PRSA International Conference 2013: Global Leadership Study

Global Leadership Study reveals digital, gender, generational and skills shifts.

Career Realities in a Flash Mob World

The 2011 Albert Walker Lecture delivered by Ron Culp.

Employee Communication: Let’s Move from Knowing to Doing

The 2011 Grunig Lecture delivered by Dr. Bruce Berger at the 2011 PRSA Conference.

John Koten Distinguished Lecture Series in Public Relations

This lecture series is named for John “Jack” Koten, an inaugural member of the Board of Advisors of The Plank Center. Through this program, leading national public relations practitioners and scholars visit The University of Alabama for a day to meet with public relations students and faculty, teach classes, and deliver a formal presentation on a significant issue in the field.

The Constitution Makers and the Public, 1785-1790

An address before the conference of the Public Relations Society of America in 1962 by Dr. Allan Nevins.


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