Legacies from Legends in PR

Legacies from Legends

In 2007, Legacies from Legends in Public Relations was first introduced to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) with personal messages for young professionals. Written by “living legends,” these men and women have been honored by their colleagues for leadership in the development of the public relations profession. Their comments capture observations from experience and useful directions for future practice.

These honorees are professionals who have received one or more lifetime honors from three major public relations organizations: The Arthur W. Page Society’s Hall of Fame and Distinguished Service Awards; the Institute for Public Relations’ Alexander Hamilton Medal; and PRSA’s Gold Anvil Award and its Educators Academy Ferguson Award.

This book continues to inform and inspire those who will shape the next generation of public relations.


Nick Ashooh

Ann Barkelew

Edward M. Block

Judith Bogart

John F. Budd, Jr.

Chester Burger

Harold Burson

Ron Culp

Jerry Dalton Jr.

Ofield Dukes

Dan Edelman

Joe Epley

John “Jack” Felton

Mike Fernandez

Lawrence Foster

Al Golin

John Graham

James Grunig

Steven Harris

Thomas Harris

Bruce Harrison

Michael Herman

Tom Hoog

Barbara Hunter

Aedhmar Hynes

Jon Iwata

Ray Kotcher

John “Jack” Koten

Margery Kraus

Marilyn Laurie

Maril MacDonald

Tom Martin

Richard Mau

Gary McCormick

Debra Miller

James Murphy

Bill Nielsen

John Paluszek

Isobel Parke

Judy Phair

Betsy Plank

Cheryl Procter-Rogers

John Reed

Ron Rhody

Doug Spong

Kurt Stocker

Timothy Traverse-Healy

Joseph Vecchione

Richard Weiner

Rhoda Weiss

Mary Beth West

Donald Wright

Frank Wylie



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