Educator Fellowship Program

An important initiative in furthering our mission of helping bridge the gap between the practice and education is our Fellowship for Educators program that brings practitioners and educators together for two weeks each summer.


Leaders exert significant influence on the success, future and image of their profession. Yet, only a few PR studies have explored this important topic. One goal of the Center is to build a research-based foundation of knowledge regarding the values, qualities and dimensions of excellent leadership in PR.

Interviews with Industry Leaders

To date, 28 video interviews with distinguished PR leaders have been conducted for their views on leadership qualities, practices and experiences. We hope you find inspiration from the legends such as Betsy Plank, Harold Burson, Ofield Dukes and many more. Their paths to success remind us to keep learning, dreaming and, of course, leading.


Getting a Job in Public Relations, Building Your Brand, and Deciding Between a Job or an Advanced Degree are a few of the webinars the Center has hosted for students.

Platform Magazine

Platform Magazine, an online magazine produced by and for students and educators, provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information that encourages the ethical practice and enhancement of leadership in the field of public relations.

PR History Wiki

The PRimary source to search for information about primary sources in PR history. Do you have items to add? Become a contributor.

Resources of Interest

The Plank Center is committed to helping you expand your skills and advance the practice of public relations.