10 Practical Lessons from Ketchum’s Leadership Communication Monitor


“The Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor – exploring the perceptions of more than 6,000 people in 12 countries regarding effective leadership, effective communication and the intrinsic link between the two. It is an intermingling of the two: decisive, action-oriented leadership, powered by honest, transparent communication and coupled with the leader’s personal presence, that holds the key to leadership effectiveness and credibility.” – Rod Cartwright, Partner and Director, Global Corporate & Public Affairs Practice at Ketchum

There is always room to learn and Rod offers 10 practical lessons from Ketchum’s Leadership Communication Monitor.

Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor

Our Mission

The Plank Center’s mission is to help develop and recognize outstanding diverse public relations leaders, role models and mentors to advance ethical public relations in an evolving, global society. The Center works to achieve its mission by:

Advancing knowledge of leadership values and skills in the profession;

Supporting research, teaching, service, and professional educational efforts that help develop diverse, responsible and trustworthy leaders;

Bridging the interests and vision of the practice and education; and

Collaborating with other groups and associations to nurture the ethical and effective practice of public relations.